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SIRIC Marseille

SIRIC Marseille

Comprehensive cancer center

The Marseille SIRIC is a comprehensive cancer center which brings together a critical mass of over 750 scientists and physicians working in state-of-the-art hospitals, Institut Paoli Calmettes (IPC) and the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Marseille (AP-HM) and their associated research centers.

With an active file of over 34 000 cancer patients, and their associated research centers, the Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Marseille (CRCM), the Center for Research in Biological Oncology and Oncopharmacology (CRO2), the Cancer, Biomedicine and Society (CanBioS) socio-economics research team, and the Public Health and Chronic Disease research team (EA3279). The CRCM includes 250 IPC/Inserm/CNRS/Aix Marseille University members of staff working on basic and translational research with a strong focus on the core pathologies of the IPC (breast cancer, hematology and pancreatic cancer). The CRO2 hosts Inserm/Aix Marseille University research teams, 120 people altogether, mainly focusing on brain and pancreatic tumours. IPC, AP-HM, CRCM and CRO2 have set up many collaborative projects and they share strategic platforms, such as the tumor bank and the Proteomics platform and databases hosted by the Data Management and analysis center of IPC-PACA. The clinical trials of the SIRIC are coordinated by the Department of Clinical Research and Innovations of IPC and by the Delegation for Clinical Research and Innovations of AP-HM respectively.

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Based on the medical and the scientific research teams of AP-HM and IPC,

the aims of the SIRIC are to

  • better organise and coordinate patient care, ensure that research results are translated into changes in medical procedures wherever possible and desirable
  • rapidly translate scientific discoveries into medical applications and promote patenting and licencing of research discoveries
  • increase the rate of inclusion of patients in clinical trials, in particular early phase clinical trials
  • share therapeutic platforms and educational platforms
  • reinforce common technological platforms and resources that support the transfer between research and the clinic, translational research being a priority of the SIRIC
  • reinforce the excellence of IPC and AP-HM in cancer patient care and research for breast cancer and brain tumor
  • build strong collaborations in shared fields of expertise such as pancreatic cancer and acute leukemia , using our experience with breast cancer and brain tumours as models, and optimize the integration of biological research, clinical research, socio-medical research and patient care procedures
  • allow the emergence of innovative translational fields of research
  • be operational and reactive to calls from the l’Institut National du Cancer (INCa) to develop specific research programs
  • promote the training of next generations of physicians, pharmacists and scientists in the field of translational research
  • establish high standard levels of care across a network of medical structures in the Marseille area and allow the whole population to benefit from innovative therapies.
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The Director of the Marseille SIRIC is Prof. Patrice Viens, Director General of IPC.

The ultimate common goal of the Marseille SIRIC is to improve cancer patient care.

This will be achieved by a streamlined organisation of breast cancer, leukemia, glioma and pancreatic cancer programs, integrating all aspects :

  • Biological, translational, clinical and socio-medical research,
  • Optimized transfer of research results into technological and medical applications,
  • Improved diagnosis, therapy and patient care inside and outside the Marseille SIRIC,
  • Increased numbers of academic collaborations and partnerships with industries,
  • Improved training and education

Marseille SIRIC is hosted by the ‘Groupement de Coopération Sanitaire’ (GCS) , a platform of scientific and medical collaboration which was set up in 2010 by IPC and AP-HM to optimize patient care, cancer research and the transfer of knowledge from research to the clinic, and vice versa.

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